We welcome every committed fan of the Georgia Moffett forum for social gathering which holds once every quarter in some select relaxation centers across England. Part of our support for her vision is to further spread the awareness of being celibate to teen age people.

Usually, our gathering is spiced with programs aimed at improving the lives of members of this noble forum. Some of our key programs include:

Training – We organize trainings for those who have keen interest to become a movie actor. We also give out some inspiring teachings that will encourage the young ones among us to remain chaste, so they can achieve astounding success without any form of barrier.

Discovering Fresh Talents – Most Georgia Moffett fans are those aspiring to be successful movie actors and so, it is our duty to spot young talents who need grooming.

Fan fair – We are happy fans of Georgia Moffett, and will always cease every opportunity to create fun filled moments. We believe that fun moments create strong bonds and unity among us which will greatly inspire us in reaching new heights. There are lots of food and drinks available for members of the forum, and we will have time dance to cool music, take pictures and play together.