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White Van Man - U.S. Style

Kyle BornheimerFurther to the announcement that the pilot for the U.S. version of our very own White Van Man has been commissioned (cast-contingent) by ABC, Kyle Bornheimer is set to take on the role of Ollie - currently played by Will Mellor in the UK version.

With him on board, the pilot, (originally picked up as cast-contingent) is moving forward to production, with Michael Fresco on board to direct.

U.S. Entertainment website Deadline Hollywood quotes:

The single-camera White Van Man is a blue collar ensemble based on the British format and centers on a man (Bornheimer) who is forced to put his dreams on hold in order to take over the family handyman business from his father. The series takes its name from the UK phrase that describes the stereotype for drivers of light commercial vehicles, often self-employed or owning small businesses such as handyman services. The ABC Studios-produced adaptation of the Adrian Poynton-created original, was written by Bobby Bowman who executive produces with Mark Gordon and Andrea Shay.

Deadline Hollywood full article

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