How the Harvey Weinstein Scandal Changed Hollywood

Harvey Weinstein, a celebrated Hollywood movie producer has been allegedly accused of series of sexual harassment against ladies. The scandal has since then, spread like wild fire, both in and outside the movie industry. More women have even come out to say they have been sexually harassed by Weinstein but he has denied the allegation.

News report from New York Times reveal that the sexual allegations have been on for decades, and that actresses Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan are among the several women that opened up.

Some of the women stated that Weinstein forced them to massage him and asked them to watch him naked. He also promised to assist them enhance their careers in the industry, if they indulge in sex with him.

Weinstein has sent his apologies for causing undue pain on women but refutes that he has not been sexually harassing women in the last thirty years.

The sexual scandal over Harvey Weinstein’s depredation has spread across the world, causing men to reconsider the way they interact with ladies. Most men are now trying to understand where the boundaries are; whether handshake or a kiss.

In Hollywood, the outcry has destroyed reputations, ended the careers of some people, and ruined the images of well- respected personalities. In fact, it has changed a lot of things in Hollywood. The situation has caused a disappointing moment for people in the industry.

Hollywood has been deliberating and considering enhancing the vocal position of female artists. The allegation against Weinstein and others which caused a lot of pains on women has also revealed that gender disparity was really encompassing and pervasive.

At present, a popular reaction called the #MeToo movement has begun to change the narrative and changing the hands of power in the movie industry. Instead of being obstructed, more female artistes are now occupying higher positions; more are given the opportunity direct movies. Also, there are indications that the industry is no longer pervaded with complimentary sex and misogynistic violence.

Those who are skeptical about this development think that it looks like a woolen political change. The flip side of it, however, is that the move will accrue a lot of profit in Hollywood.

Women in the industry say there has been a tremendous shift and Carrey Mulligan, a popular British actress who has been very vocal against the Hollywood gratuitous sex saga is very optimistic that more changes are coming.

With this new development, production studios are now aggressively hunting for female script writers, movie directors and producers.

Similar to other revolutions, #MeToo has introduced complete and permanent changes in the Hollywood movie industry. Many popular movie directors have commonly agreed to create gender equality in their executive boards.

If the Weinstein incident goes further to create more news about women being sexually harassed throughout the world, the spate of inordinate sexual misconduct will come to an abrupt end.