Georgia Moffett, born on 25 December 1984, into the family of actor Peter Moffett and Sandra Dickinson, is an English actress. She has two half -brothers names Joel and Louis, both born from her father’s ex-wife, actress Elizabeth Morton.

Georgia Moffett began her career as an actress at a very early teen age; precisely the age of 15. Her first debut was in 1999, where she featured in a BBC TV Drama titled “Peak Practice’’, playing the role of Nicki Davey.

In 2002, she accepted to play the role of ‘’Abigail Nixon’’ in the TV drama titled ‘’The Bill’’. She appeared in twenty- six episodes of the British Police drama series which lasted between 2002 and 2009.

With the drive to strive for excellence, Georgia Moffett kept swirling in her call and in 2005, she featured in the TV series titled ‘’Like Father Like Son’’, playing the role of ‘’Morag Tait’’; and thereafter, featured in the TV show ‘’Tom Brown’s Schooldays’’. After two years, she got actively involved in several television shows, particularly the role of ‘’Tanya’’ in the drama, ‘’The Last Detective’’. In addition, she played prominent roles in ‘’Fear, stress and Anger’’, ‘’Casualty’’, and ‘’Bonkers’’.

In 2007, Moffett made her first theatrical appearance, playing Mathilde Verlaine in ‘’Total Eclipse’’ in London.

In May 2008, the sultry British actress featured in the BBC series titled ‘’Doctor Who’’, in which she played the role of Jenny in one of the episodes ‘’The Doctor’s Daughter’’. Moffett played this role alongside David Tennant who later married her.

In the same year (August 2008), Georgia Moffett starred in the first series of BBC’s ‘’Code 9’’ as Kylie Roman.

Coming to 2010, Moffett interpreted the role of Cassie Rice, as a voice artist in the film: Doctor Who: Dreamland; and also grabbed the role of Lady Vivian in the series ‘’Sweet Dreams’’ episode titled ‘’Merlin’’. She was part of the cast for a medical drama titled ‘’Casualty’’, where she played Heather Whitefield, being junior doctor, but her role did not survive the beginning of the second episode.

In June 2010, she played in a short drama ‘’Hens’’, which had about four performances and was thereafter broadcast on Sky Arts 2, and as well, played a walk-on role in the TV drama titled ‘’Thorne: Sleepyhead’’, where she played the role of the wife of one of the subordinate detectives.

Again, in March 2011, Georgia Moffett starred in BBC series of ‘’White Van Man’’ where she interpreted the role of Emma. The show had two series before it was later cancelled.

Apart from acting, Georgia Moffett produced a couple of films. In November 2013, she both starred and produced ‘’Doctor Who’’, as well as ‘’The Five(ish) Reboot’’. At this time, she was already married and thus credited as a producer with her married name of Georgia Tennant.

The movie; ‘’The Five(ish) Reboot’’ was written and directed by her father, Peter Moffett, and featured a walk-on role by her husband and her two children.

The British actress continued as a producer, bearing her married name and featured in a short drama titled ‘’96 Ways to Say I Love You’’, which she starred alongside her husband, David Tennant.

With her numerous appearances in movies and short plays, Georgia Moffett has gained several recognitions both locally and internationally. She is committed to a humanitarian cause in a charity organization called ‘’Straight Talking’’, clearly established to educate and inform young girls about teen pregnancy.

On 9 November 2015, David Tennant and wife announced the arrival of another baby daughter who they named Doris Tennant.