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Moffett, being the daughter of actors Peter Moffett and Sandra Dickinson, was born in London. She had her education at St. Edward’s School in Oxford. She has two half- brothers named Joel and Louis, from her father’s ex -wife, actress Elizabeth Morton.

Moffett began her media career at the age of 15 years, where she featured in a BBC Television drama titled ‘’Peak Practice’’ in 1999.

Since her birth on 25th December, 1984, Georgia Moffett had continued to win lots of laurels as both a super star actress and a TV idol; and her feat in these areas has continued to cause stir as the personality of the moment in various media platforms.

Moffett began to experience life right from her teen age, precisely at the age of 17, when she became pregnant after a brief relationship from a university student, and had her first child which is a son, named Ty Peter Tennant, on March 27th, 2002. She, however, later had more children and they all joined in the movie acting business. It was at this time she also did promotion for PlayOjo casino as a model and the No Deposit Queen casino promo.

Moffett has featured in so many blockbuster movies and many television dramas, where she drew her popularity and built a heavy fan base both in England and beyond. She has also been involved in several humanitarian projects, and made a giant stride as a patron of a charity organization called ‘’Straight Talking’’, clearly established to educate and inform young girls about teen pregnancy. . Since then she’s been the face for various advertising models on TV. In countries such as Sweden, she’s the face for BestOdds™ casino TV advert, and has been doing so for several years now. With this few descriptions about the times of Georgia Moffett, you are assured of getting more exciting information about this iconic Hollywood actress.

You are welcome to the website for fans of Georgia Moffett.


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